Middle School Faith Formation

Grade level: 6-8

 Times and Dates: Sessions meet on Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:15 PM from Late September through the first week of May (see the Faith Formation Calendar).

For 2022-2023 the opening Mass and orientation meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 28th at 6:00pm at the Church.


Young adolescents learn and integrate faith when they can see faith and values in action in the lives of people they trust and admire.

 The practices and teachings of our Catholic faith provide a treasure for young adolescents. The curriculum for this young adolescent program—Catholic Connections from St. Mary’s Press is deeply rooted in Church Tradition, but connects to the everyday life of the          adolescent. (This curriculum is the step towards the curriculum used on the High School level.)

There are six mini articles throughout each chapter:

  1. A Liturgy connection that helps the young person to see the relationship between the Catholic beliefs and worship.
  2. A short prayer for those times that prayer is needed.
  3. A way to put your faith into action.
  4. Questions to ponder on your own or to discuss with Family and Friends.
  5. “Did you know?” articles that focus on specific from the chapter, which explores more in depth.
  6. A “Looking Back” to the history that provided the student with a historical perspective of the Catholic beliefs and practices.

 Scripture: God’s word is shared throughout the learning process, as the youth go

directly to Scripture itself for reading, reflection and activities. The Catholic Youth Bible (NAB and NABR translation) will be used during the Wednesday evening groups.

Doctrine: Each session draws upon the teachings of the Church as presented in the     

Catechism of the Catholic Church. Young people learn these teachings in a variety of ways.

Lives of the Saints and People of Faith: Young people are looking for heroes and role models. There are stories of such sprinkled throughout the curriculum.

Catholics Today: The Catholic faith is a living Tradition that finds expression in the customs and devotions of cultural groups throughout the world. In this series, youth are     introduced to the vibrant and faithful ways that communities put their faith into practice.

 Parent Commitment:

  • Support your student as they progress through the Middle School faith journey
  • Participate with your son or daughter at Mass each week.

Parent Student Handbook and Behavior Contract

For more information please contact: faithformation@stanneslesueur.org  507-665-3811 ext. 114