Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body composed of representatives of the entire faith community and shall offer counsel to the pastor in matters which affect the spiritual and educational well-being of the Parish.  Our goal is to have a cross-section of St. Anne’s parishioners. You do not have to have been a long time member to be a part of the Council. You must be a member of St. Anne’s Church, 18 years or older and have completed the Catholic sacraments of initiation (baptism, communion, confirmation).

The Pastoral Council is composed of five persons who are elected by the parish membership.  The Parish Pastoral Council members serve as liaisons to committees including Finance Council and the Committees of the Council including Stewardship, Education and Parish Life.  

The Parish Pastoral Council generally meets on a monthly basis.  Council members are individuals elected on a rotating basis to each serve a three year term with an option for one additional term.

Please prayerfully consider running for election to the Parish Pastoral Council.  We are building our parish and need your help, guidance and support.

2021-2022 Pastoral Council



2020-2021 Pastoral Council

2020-2021 Pastoral Coucil



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September 2018- No Meeting (Archdiocesan PC in-service)

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