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Calvary Cemetery 
Calvary Cemetery
Le Sueur MN


St Anne Cemetery
Le Sueur MN


Mound Cemetery
Le Sueur MN

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St Anne Cemetery Officers and Board Members
LeRoy Pfarr, President
Shawn Kirby, Treasurer
Julie Rabaey
Kevin Skelly
Geri Callahan

Association of St. Anne’s Cemeteries Rules

1. All interments, (casketed & cremation), shall be made in a permanent vault
made of concrete.
2. No lot shall be enclosed by a fence or railing or have any structures built on
lot except monuments or markers.
3. All markers must be put on a concrete footing with a wash of six (6”) inches.
If any monument be placed upon any lot that in the opinion of the Association
is improper of offensive and not in accordance with the rules of the
Association, it shall be their duty to have same removed.
4. No one shall place plants or flowers on graves, except those placed on a
marker, foundation or on a bracket attached to a marker or monument. The
Cemetery Association must grant permission for planting of trees and/or
removal of same.
5. All lot owners are prohibited from raising or depressing the surface of the lot
above or below the surrounding ground except by special permission of the
6. The Cemetery Association shall maintain all lots.
7. The Association reserves the right to determine the location of any single
grave or lot.
8. Anyone purchasing a lot, who has never been a member of the Parish, must
pay a non-member fee.
9. Transferring ownership must be run through the Association with any
associated fees. Property can ONLY be transferred to children. (Not
grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other relatives and friends).
10. Only two burials per grave, (traditional & cremation or both cremation). If
two burials OTHER than spouses take place, there is a $250 fee for use of
grave and $350 for non-members, (Followed by standard staking, perpetual
care and Admin. Fees).
11. Anyone buying a lot, who has never been a member of the Parish, must pay
additional for interment fee/perpetual care fee/ administrative fee/ staking fee.
12. Anyone placing a monuments or marker above ground-level must pay a fee of
13. Any burial transfer or removal must have prior approval of the Pastor and
Cemetery Board/Association. Proper permits, authorizations and certificates
must be completed.
14. In all cases, a request for cremation which involves scattering ashes or final
disposition other than burial in a cemetery plot or mausoleum will be denied.