EVERYONE who buys Scrip should fill out out a Scrip Agreement for this year.
Click HERE to download a paper form. Return completed forms to the Parish office or email

OR... Just fill out and submit the following form instead of using the paper form

St. Anne’s School/Church SCRIP Participation Agreement ~ 2023-2024 School Year

St. Anne’s School/Church (referred to herein as “St. Anne’s”) sponsors a SCRIP program that allows participants to purchase gift cards, generating rebates from participating retailers. The rebate percentages vary by retailer and are listed out on the SCRIP order form. The total rebate earned will be contributed to St. Anne’s for use consistent with this SCRIP Participation Agreement.

50% of your rebate earned will be distributed to St. Anne’s.

The remaining 50% of your rebate is for you to allocate. Please choose from the list below:

***Please note***
If your child is a current St. Anne’s student, SCRIP orders will be sent home in your child’s backpack during the school year. Please list your child’s name

DISCLAIMER: You authorize the Scrip Coordinators to release your Scrip gift certificates to the child named below. You will not hold St. Anne’s or the Scrip Coordinators responsible for any lost or misplaced certificates as a result of your child’s actions..

Please enter your name and date below to indicate your acknowledgement of this agreement.

I have read this SCRIP Participation Agreement Form and agree to abide to all of the policies set up by St. Anne’s Scrip.


The SCRIP program supports both our school and parish.

Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser and is the easiest way to earn money for St. Anne’s Church and School!  50% of the amount earned goes directly to the church & school. The other 50% is for you to designate to either student tuition, the school or the church. (A Scrip Agreement Form should be completed once a year by each person who purchases Scrip to show where they’d like their portion to go.)

Scrip looks and works the same as a gift card that you would purchase at a store. Each retailer assigns a percent of the sale that stays with our organization. For example: Old Navy is 14%. If you wanted a $25 card, you’d pay $25 and $3.50 of that would stay with our organization. There is no additional cost to you.

Think about the places you visit the most for groceries, gas,  or your favorite restaurants – we have Scrip on hand for many of these places! Rademachers, Cub Foods, Hy-Vee, Holiday, Speedway, Kwik Trip, Pizza Ranch, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, Culvers, Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Chipotle & so many more!!

We have over 70 vendors on hand which are sold at the school office during school hours and after any of the weekend masses. You can also create an online account to have access to Scrip 24/7.

Visit to browse through over 750 retailers available. While you are there, set up an online account by clicking on “Join a Program.” Email the Patrons Board or call the school for our unique enrollment code.


Shopping with SCRIP has just gotten easier with the RaiseRight app!  Shop more than 750 top brands using gift cards- Right from the convenience of your phone. Click HERE to download the app on your phone.

How it works- PURCHASE gift cards at FACE VALUE. Use them at FACE VALUE. Earn up to 20% on your purchase for St. Anne's just for using gift cards from RaiseRight. It's FREE and EASY. If you already have a ShopWithScrip account, you can even use the same login info.

Any questions regarding Scrip can be directed to the Patrons Board via email or to Jan at the school office.

Scrip Information Sheet



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