"Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him, bless his name." --Psalm 100:4

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Amid Seeming Chaos, the Wine Abides

Let us take a moment here to pause from our usual commentary on films and music and all things pop culture, to sing of the grape—of wine, specifically.  I love wine. I always have, and I expect I always will. And for wine’s obvious therapeutic benefits (when not taken in superabundance), I have been more interested in it than ever before during these many pandemic-addled months in the life of the world. I look forward to each trip to the wine shop on Friday after work, followed by cracking open a bottle that I have not tried before and sitting for an hour or so in peaceful, pleasant conversation with my wife—all the cares of the world be damned. Apparently, I am not alone! During the peak of global lockdowns in 2020, and despite widespread restaurant closures, wine sales were up…

“Patience, Hard Thing!” Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Advice for Today

Lately, I have been struck by how hard, and yet how necessary, it is simply to be patient in the day-to-day life of being a Catholic. The media is full of goads to be impatient with oneself, with others, and with the world in general: Why are things not the way they should be, right now? Surely there is something that I (or everybody else) ought to be doing! Given that “doing something” very often translates into “being angry on social media about it,” this impulse to do something ought to be interrogated quite intensely.  I’ve been doing a fair bit of research lately into nineteenth-century English Catholicism. It turns out that times were tumultuous for Catholics then too (a particularly divisive point was the Vatican I definition of papal infallibility), and while there wasn’t electronic social media,…

The Love of Teachers for Students: Lewis’ Language in “The Four Loves”

St. John tells us that “God is love” (1 John 4:8), and this is also where C.S. Lewis begins his book The Four Loves. Very quickly, he is not satisfied with one word for love and so gives names to different types of loves, similar to Adam naming the animals. While in English, the single word “love” is used to describe feelings toward bagels, dogs, people, and Fridays alike, other languages offer multiple words for love. The Greeks have four words for love, which Lewis uses in his book: eros, agape, philia, and storgé. American Sign Language has two signs for love: one for the love of actions or objects and one for the love of living beings. Tamil, the language of Sri Lanka, two states in India, and one of the official languages of Singapore, has dozens of words for love. Arabic has at least eleven.

St. Anne's Church communication outages

Good afternoon, Today's storm damged communications systems at St. Anne's Parish Center. Computer systems are down as well as the internet and phone. Staff will not be able to recieve phone calls or email while repairs are being...

Humble Lessons from a Custodian

The summer before beginning eighth grade, I landed my first job. For three months, I would serve as junior custodian at Fairview Community Center in the West Minneapolis suburbs. Day in and day out, for $3.85 an hour, I was charged with setting up tables and chairs for senior citizen lunches, sweeping floors, emptying trash, and scrubbing surfaces (including endless, forever skin-shredding,, room-length Venetian blinds). I worked for two veteran custodians who had been with the school district for decades. Tony, my direct supervisor, was a soft-spoken and kind man. He always offered a wry comment with a subtle, but infectious smile. And Tony was unflappable. Whatever was asked of him and in whatever time frame it was asked, Tony would get it done and done well. Three times per week over the lunch hour, he would slip away to swim laps in the center’s twenty-five meter pool.

Starting Class: Begin with Mystery! 

Every thinking teacher will tell you this: the first class encapsulates the whole course. Hans Urs von Balthasar expresses the same thing at the beginning of The Glory of the Lord:  “Beginning . . . determines all subsequent steps . . . [and] is the primal decision which includes all later ones.” Just as at the moment of its conception, the organism’s biological trajectory is already set, ready to become manifest with effort and time, so at the beginning of each class, the outlines of the class’s end or purpose is already packed within the first class. But the question of where a theology teacher should begin the semester is packed within the nature of theology itself, which Dei Verbum defines as “scrutinizing in the light of faith all truth stored up in the mystery of Christ” (DV…

Scrip sales returning after Mass this weekend

Scrip sales will return after weekend Mass starting this weekend - July 31/August 1. Make sure to complete a Scrip Agreement for the 2021-2022 school year. You can complete the form online here...

St. Anne's Gala- Save the date

St. Anne's Gala is back again this year! Save the date- October 29th, 2021.  More information to follow.

Donut Sunday at St. Anne's

Please join us at St. Anne's Church this Sunday for donuts! The Stewardship Committee will be providing donuts after both Masses.

Pastoral Council Elections

Do you have an opinion related to the St. Anne's Parish?   Consider sharing it and shaping our Parish life by applying to the Parish Pastoral Council. The council is a consultative body - which means it meets monthly with Father...